Does Lightroom make you lazy?

I was just thinking about how to plan out 2013 and the general direction that I want my photography to head in and it made me think about my processes and workflows from the year before and I came to a conclusion: I think Lightroom has made me lazy.

When Lightroom first arrived on the scene I was a little sceptical about how I could get it to work for me, I found a lot of the tools pretty lacking due to my hefty Photoshop use on daily basis and to this day I still feel that way about it, but Lightroom has a unique charm and the ability to keep everything in one single place makes life so much easier. It has made the average photographer’s daily workload a lot less messy but for me it has left me making shortcuts.

In the past I would save things in a folder and go through them one by one in Photoshop and work out what works and what doesn’t work but in Lightroom I fly through things, edit them quickly and bust through them all in 30 minutes. Before I used to spend several hours on one image.

Looking back through my images from 2012, all the ones I like the best have been edited in Photoshop – so I think this year I need to be more aware of limiting my time in Lightroom – I think it is making me take the easy route to editing my pictures. Sure it can edit it them to a certain level, but it seems to be the same feeling of adding an Instagram filter at this point and I don’t find that process very satisfying to work with so in 2013 I’ll probably use Lightroom as a lightbox for browsing my pics but not for editing them.

  • Doo Gan

    Is it true that Lightroom lets you edit 100 images in one go? Just choose an action & sit back & relax?

    • crazyfruitbat

      Yup, providing you have selected a setting (which can also be a custom setting) you can automate a lot of things. I automated 400+ pictures on a timelapse recently using lightroom

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