Main street

Kawagoe photowalk

When a friend asked if I wanted to go for an impromtu photowalk it was pretty hard to say no. I haven’t been out in with the camera in a while and I also haven’t been to Kawagoe in quite a few years (actually my memory of the place was quite faded).

I used to live about 40 minutes from Kawagoe and used to visit the shopping area a lot but only a few times did I ever wander down the the old Edo area of the city.  With the city only 30 minutes from Ikebukuro it makes a great little place to fill a day if you’re staying in Tokyo.

Photography-wise, I did feel a little out of my elementt. Due to me not planning I was somewhat lost as to what style I should go for. I took a tripod and two lenses but the crowds of people generally put any end to any decent HDR hopes that I had. I also don’t usually shoot during mid day either so again, a bit out of my comfort zone.

Anyway, here are the shots I took. Style-wise it’s a bit of a hodge-podge but hey-ho! Some of the HDRs here are done in-camera and others are done with Nik Software.




Old post box



Side gate

Bell tower

JPN 10





Old stuff

Back in the day

Ice cream

Sleepy cat



  • Doo Gan

    Comfort zone or not there’s some really beautiful images there. I’m so jealous of the shots you take sometimes :) The places you go and the things you see would no doubt blow me away – but then there’s the whole art of actually capturing what you’ve seen and adding a mood or ‘emotion’ (need a better word here) that you do so well – the B/W window with the temple behind it, and the sky above that… oooooh, that sky, I love that sky as it blends into black. It’s a shame the image stops where it does – I want to keep following it up into the blackness, I want to follow it right up into space :) Beautiful!! And also the lantern… I love lanterns… nuff said! Great work!

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